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Bio-Cellulose Lamination Film for Bags

The material produced from wood-pulp,a natural and sustainable resource ,Without any modified plastics,Classified in the “paper and cardboard” category, and can be recycled and beaten together with paper/cardboard,Certified as biodegradable to EN13432,ASTMD6400 and Vincotte OK Compost Home .

Scope of use and characteristics

Suitable for Small electrical appliances, clothing, toys, food, tea, coffee etc.

For example,Tea bags and coffee bags,food bags

Directly printing,high temperature resistance, food grade environmental .

Fresh-keeping packaging of vegetables,  heat sealing directly.

Available for food packaging,high barrier to prevent oxygen and moisture to damage the food.

Available for coffee packaging. Heat sealing flow packaging with excellent performance sealing integrity to prevent coffee and tea metamorphism.

Excellent oil resistance ,Mineral oil pollution avoiding

Technical Data (Typical Values)

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