Bio-Cellulose Protective film

The material produced from wood-pulp,a natural and sustainable resource ,Without any modified plastics,Classified in the “paper and cardboard” category, and can be recycled and beaten together with paper/cardboard,Certified as biodegradable to EN13432,ASTMD6400 and Vincotte OK Compost Home

Scope of use and characteristics

Suitable for surface protection of all consumer electronics, for example, chargers, Mobile phone ,Screen ,Plastic surface, Metal surface, etc.

Excellent transparency,Directly printing

Anti-scratch treatment, up to 3H

Easy to die-cut and matrix-strip, due to balanced flexibility / stiffness

The glue can can be silicone or acrylic

It can pass high and low temperature aging test at 85 degrees temperature and 85 degrees humidity

Stickiness can be customized according to customer requirements

A variety of finishes are available

  • Gloss protective film
  • Matte protective film(Anti-scratch, soft touch)
  • Single layer protective film
  • Double layer protective film
  • Silicone protective film
  • Acrylic protective film

Technical Data (Typical Values)

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