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Bio-Shrink film

The material produced from plants,a natural and sustainable resource ,the products can be biodegradable. After use, they can be composted and decomposed into carbon dioxide and water at a certain temperature or by oxygen-rich and microbial action, so as to realize material circulation in nature and have little impact on the environment, so it is an ideal green polymer material,Certified as biodegradable to EN13432,ASTMD6400 .

Scope of use and characteristics

Suitable for food, medicine, cosmetics, office supplies, craft gifts, printed matter, mechanical parts, electrical products and other items packaging

Moisture-proof and dust-proof, touch proof

transparent display and other functions, and increase the attractiveness of the commodity appearance.

Tight bundle packaging, good dispersion prevention.

Anti-counterfeiting function.

Customers can choose different thickness according to the product.

Technical Data (Typical Values)

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