Bio-PLA Thermoform for Packing applications

The material produced from plants,a natural and sustainable resource ,the products can be biodegradable. After use, they can be composted and decomposed into carbon dioxide and water at a certain temperature or by oxygen-rich and microbial action, so as to realize material circulation in nature and have little impact on the environment, so it is an ideal green polymer material,Certified as biodegradable to EN13432,ASTMD6400 .

Scope of use and characteristics

Suitable for food, vegetables, electronics, toys, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals etc., instead of the traditional blister packaging

The material thickness can be customized according to customer needs

Can be in direct contact with food

Good processability, Excellent transparency ,High thermal stability

Can run on existing machine,like PVC and PET

Unlike other lamination film(PVC/PET),our cellulose film are recyclable and compostable

Technical Data (Typical Values)

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