The production process of cellulose film

    Raw materials

    • The process of making recycled cellulose
    • From wood pulp a natural and sustainable resource
    • The raw material wood pulp comes from FSC-certified controlled forests
    • Raw materials do not contain genetically modified ingredients Packaging waste Regulations, this product is classified in the “paper and board” category, can be composted with paper/board
    • zero plastic

    production process

    In the production process, the main raw materials are wood pulp, softener and so on. The two main processes in the whole production process are as follows: viscose preparation and molding.

    • 1) Viscose preparation
      • Wood pulp, as the main raw material, needs to be made into viscose through the following processes: wood pulp → alkalization → aging → yellowing → dissolution → maturing → filtration → removal Bubble
    • 2) Molding
      • The prepared viscose is made into regenerated cellulose film through the following processes:Solidification film forming → washing → desulfurization → bleaching → softening → drying → humidification → coiling

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